City of Champaign to Reach Settlement with the Estate of Kiwane Carrington

Joint Statement of the Parties

At the September 21, 2010 Champaign City Council Meeting, the Council will consider approval of a settlement with the Estate of Kiwane D. Carrington resulting from a wrongful death and survival lawsuit filed in November 2009. The lawsuit stems from the accidental shooting death of 15-year old Kiwane Carrington by veteran Police Officer Daniel Norbits.

“The family is pleased that the litigation has been resolved,” said James D. Montgomery, Jr., attorney for the Estate.

“Approval of the settlement concludes the litigation and allows the Carrington family, the City, police department, individual officers involved and the community to move forward,” said City Attorney Fred Stavins. “The City continues to express sorrow for the death of Kiwane Carrington and sends sincere condolences to his family, friends, and members of the community impacted by the incident.”