Meadow Gold Demolition Project Update

Homrich Inc., the demolition company, continues to work on removing the floor slabs, foundation walls, and footing of the old Meadow Gold Facility. As-built drawings of the old Meadow Gold Facility showed 16-inch thick sections of the existing concrete floor slab. Homrich discovered sections of the floor slab in excess of 24 inches thick, which has affected Homrich’s schedule. They estimate that removal of the thicker concrete has added a couple weeks to their schedule. Removal of the thicker concrete also forced Homrich to move a larger piece of equipment from Michigan. This piece of equipment is a large excavator with a breaker or “stinger” that can penetrate through the thicker concrete. The breaker is essentially a very large jack hammer.

Even with the delays caused by the thicker concrete, Homrich should complete the project by late October or early November which is still ahead of the original contractual completion date of November 19.