New Sidewalk Pavement Grinder

The Asphalt Section purchased a new tool, a sidewalk pavement grinder, to assist with temporary repairs to sidewalk trippers. This grinder will help to alleviate tripping hazards that develop when sidewalks are pushed up or settle. Edges up to two and a half inches can be ground away to make a level surface. Asphalt wedge repairs were previously used to address trippers, and they were not aesthetically pleasing and would sometimes need to be repaired again, especially if weather was a factor when the repair was made. Grinding will remove the trip hazard, and the repair will not require a revisit unless the cause of the tripping hazard, such as tree root upheaval, eventually pushes the sidewalk out of level. This repair type will be less obvious in the area.

Sidewalk tripper in 500 block West Church St.

Using the pavement grinder to level out the tripping hazard.

The completed repair.