Meadow Gold Demolition Project Update

At the end of September, Meadow Gold Demolition contractor Homrich, Inc. was 80% finished with the concrete removal work. Removal work remaining included 11 concrete caissons. A caisson is defined as a shaft of concrete placed under a building column or wall and extending down to hardpan or rock. A caisson is also known as a pier foundation.

During the final week of September, Homrich removed two old underground storage tanks (UST’s) under a permit from the Illinois State Fire Marshall. The tanks had capacities of 20,000 gallons and 1,980 gallons and, most likely, held diesel fuel for the facility’s boilers. Upon inspection by the State Fire Marshall, one of the tanks had a hole that had resulted in a fuel leak. The limits of the contaminated soil were identified and will be properly disposed of under the allowances in the demolition contract. DLZ, the City’s consulting engineer, had anticipated that the contractor may likely encounter contaminated soils, and they planned for it by including contingency bid items in the contract. The total volume of contaminated soils is well within the contract contingency limits. DLZ has verified that as long the site remains zoned for commercial and/or industrial development, the City will be able to obtain a letter of no further remediation from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Removed Concrete Caisson

Old Location of UST’s

Potentially Contaminated Soil

Local contractor Duce Construction has been hired by Homrich, Inc. to complete the installation of new sanitary and storm sewers on the site. Duce began work on Monday, October 4 and should complete their sewer work by October 22. Duce has also provided concrete recycling services on the project.

Homrich is still on schedule to complete the project by late October or early November, still ahead of the original contractual completion date of November 19.