Safety Improvement on Bradley at Intersections with Fourth and Fifth

Public Works installed a total of four red flashers for east-west traffic along Bradley Avenue at the intersections with Fourth Street and Fifth Street.

The installation was the result of staff investigation of a Traffic Service Request. Over the past four years of crash history, there were three crashes involving east bound drivers at Fifth Street not realizing there was a stop sign at Fifth after leaving the stop at Fourth.

Outside of driver behavior/inattentiveness, the main physical characteristic contributing to the situation is drivers may not expect a stop sign on a four-lane major street between two signalized intersections (signals at Market Street and Lincoln Avenue). Over the past year, Public Works has installed red flashers at locations with similar characteristics (Kirby at Crescent and Bradley at McKinley).

The location is also somewhat unique in that there are two stops, one block apart, on a four-lane road. The red flashers are another tool available to attempt to increase awareness of the stop conditions.

The flashers are powered by the nearby street lighting circuit. The work was completed inhouse by the City’s Traffic & Lighting section over a two-week period and worked in with other activities. The materials cost approximately $1,600 for both intersections and were purchased using funds from the Annual Traffic Safety Project.