Meadow Gold Demolition Project Update

Last week, Homrich, Inc. completed the concrete removal work, so the demolition portion of the project is complete. Homrich started restoration work; they have been gradually grading and shaping the site with existing spoil material.

Homrich’s subcontractor, Duce Construction, has installed a portion of the new storm sewers. Duce has also begun pouring sections of concrete pavement.

Homrich’s fencing subcontractor will began removal of the old chain link fence and installation of the new fencing and gates on Wednesday, October 20.

Homrich is still on schedule to complete the project by late October or early November, which is ahead of the original contractual completion date of November 19.

Removed Concrete Caisson

Old Location of UST’s

Potentially Contaminated Soils

Contaminated Soils Former Location