Recycling Options for Champaign Residents

All City residents have the opportunity to recycle at their residence using one of two options. As a reminder to the public, the City’s recycling drop off site on Hagan Drive has been permanently closed.

Residents of properties with one to four units may place recycling at the curb for collection by their garbage hauler. All haulers operating in the City are required to collect newspaper, glass jars and bottles, tin and aluminum cans, and HDPE plastic containers (#2). Some haulers accept a more extensive list of items for recycling. Contact your garbage hauler directly for more information. Haulers are not permitted to charge an additional fee for this service. More information is available on the City’s website (Click “for residents,” “recycling,” “single family recycling.”)

Residents of properties with five or more units are included in the City’s multifamily recycling program. Participants in that program can place recyclables in the bright blue “Feed the Thing” recycling bins for collection by the City’s hauler. Items accepted in this program include all types of household paper (including newspaper), cardboard, chipboard (e.g., cereal boxes), magazines, steel and aluminum beverage cans, glass food & beverage containers, all plastic containers labeled #1 through #7, aseptic juice boxes and gable topped cartons (e.g., milk cartons), and plastic grocery sacks. Visit for more information about this program.

Champaign residents may call the Public Works Department at 403-4700 with questions about recycling.