Public Works April Service Requests

A total of 260 service requests from citizens and City staff were recorded during April 2012 in the Public Works’ Dispatch Office. This was a decrease of 17 requests (6%) from the previous month’s count of 277. The chart below tracks the number of requests recorded each day by staff.

Service Requests by Date for April 2012

On April 16, the Public Works Department received numerous calls regarding damaged trees and branches in the right-of-way due to the windy weather that was experienced.

Service Requests by Category for April 2012

The Forestry Section received the greatest number of requests at 52 (20%). The bulk of Forestry’s requests dealt with requests for tree inspections (17) and pruning (15). Miscellaneous requests were a close second with 48 (18%) calls. The most frequent requests were once again for pothole repair (29), dead animal pickup (25) requests, and sewer backup complaints (24).