Municipal Electricity Aggregation

The City of Champaign’s Municipal Electricity Aggregation (MEA) program has saved its customers $690,719 since its implementation. Integrys Energy (the City’s MEA electric supplier) reports these savings have occurred from the start of the City’s program through November 2012.

MEA is a program that allows Illinois municipalities to act on behalf of residents and small businesses to reduce their electric bills. It authorizes cities to bundle the electric supply of residents and small businesses, and then seek bids from electric suppliers on the open market for a fixed electric supply rate that is lower than the fixed default rate charged by Ameren. Under MEA, participants receive electricity supply from a new provider, but Ameren continues to act as the electricity delivery company, which includes sending electric bills, responding to outages, service calls, and emergencies. This means the only change MEA participants see is a lower rate under the “electric supply” portion of their monthly Ameren bill.

In March 2012, voters gave the City of Champaign authority to establish a MEA program. The City Council approved the City’s MEA program in June 2012 and implementation began in August 2012. The City’s MEA program currently has 27,276 participants and has an electric supply rate that is 24% lower than the current Ameren default rate. Under the City’s MEA program, 100 percent of the energy comes from renewable sources.

It is not too late for eligible Champaign residents to join the City’s MEA program. The City’s low electric supply rate of $0.04149 per kilowatt hour is still available. If you are interested in joining, please contact Integrys Energy at 1-888-491-1362 or