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News Update: Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance Deactivated

The Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance for the Downtown and Campustown areas that went into effect on Friday 1/4 and was due for compliance Sunday 1/6 has been deactivated until further notice. With the new additional snowfall, the time period for compliance will be adjusted accordingly. A new activation may occur later in the week, a […]

News Update: City of Champaign Snow Response Operations

Champaign — The City of Champaign Public Works Department is continuing with around the clock operations to address the snowfall that began this morning. Residents are encouraged to stay home, if possible. Blizzard like conditions have been reported with limited to zero visibility in some areas. All City streets have snow on them and snowpack […]

News Release: City Prepares for Snowfall/Winter Storm

CITY OF CHAMPAIGN PREPARES FOR SNOWFALL Champaign — The City of Champaign Public Works Department is preparing for the snowfall that is forecasted to begin Saturday night into Sunday evening. Crews will pre-treat bridges and primary routes with anti-icing chemicals. Once the snowfall begins, crews will begin plowing activities. Crews have worked around the clock […]

News Release: Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance Activated

SIDEWALK SNOW REMOVAL As of 11:00 a.m. Friday, January 3, 2014, the Public Works Director has declared that the sidewalk snow and ice removal requirement in the Downtown and Campustown areas is in effect. Due to the winter storm, snow has accumulated to 2 inches or more on sidewalks. In order to make the sidewalks […]

News Release: Emergency Snow Routes De-Activated

SNOW ROUTES ARE DE-ACTIVATED Champaign – The City of Champaign announces that effective 10:45 a.m., the prohibited parking ban on City Snow Routes will be lifted and reinstatement of normal parking regulations will be in effect. All residents should be advised that any snow of an additional two inches or more will cause the parking […]

News Release: Emergency Snow Route Activation

SNOW ROUTES ARE ACTIVATED Champaign – City of Champaign SNOW ROUTES are activated as of 4:00 p.m. today. Vehicles parked on the following streets must be removed by 1:00 a.m. Friday January 3, 2013.  UNIVERSITY AVENUE from State St. to Mattis Ave.  CHURCH STREET from State St. to Mattis Ave.  STATE STREET […]

News Release: City of Champaign Prepares for Snowfall

CITY OF CHAMPAIGN PREPARES FOR SNOWFALL Champaign — The City of Champaign Public Works Department is mobilizing resources in preparation for the snowfall forecasted to begin around 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 1, 2014. According to Public Works Operations Manager Ernesto Salinas, “We are following the plans outlined in the City’s Snow and Ice Control Plan. […]

News Release – City of Champaign Christmas Tree Collection

CITY OF CHAMPAIGN CHRISTMAS TREE COLLECTION Champaign – This year, the City of Champaign Christmas Tree Collection program will run from January 6, 2014 through January 17, 2014. This collection is available to all residential properties in the City of Champaign within City limits. This program provides an opportunity for residents to recycle their natural […]

Changes to Recycling Pickup Days 12.23.13 – 01.06.14

Due to the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, the City’s Multifamily Recycling Program will have the following altered pick up dates. Regular pickup day – Alternate pickup day Wednesday 12.25 – Thursday 12.26 Thursday 12.26  – Friday 12.27 Friday 12.27  – Saturday 12.28 Wednesday 1.1 –  Thursday 1.2 Thursday 1.2  – Friday 1.3 Friday 1.3 […]

City of Champaign Bond Refinancing

The City of Champaign will save a total of $280,000 over the next nine years by refinancing a portion of the bonds issued in 2005 to finance construction of the new main library building. This is the third time that the City has refinanced debt in the past four years. The refinanced bonds carried an […]