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Official Public Statement from Council Member Will Kyles Regarding Employee Discipline in Vine Street Incident

In response to the release of information concerning the employee discipline for the Vine Street Incident, Council Member Will Kyles made the following statement: “Based on the fact that two out of the three additional reports revealed that there was a policy violation, with that policy violation being a contributing factor in death, I do…
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City Manager Makes Decision Regarding Employee Discipline in Vine Street Incident

City of Champaign City Manager Steve Carter has issued a 30 day suspension without pay to Police Officer Daniel Norbits as a result of his actions in the fatal shooting of Kiwane Carrington on October 9, 2009 (906 W. Vine Street). In considering the matter of employee discipline, City Manager Steve Carter reviewed all available…
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City Releases Responses to Community Forum Focus Questions

More than three hundred area citizens participated in a Community-Police Forum on March 15, 2010 at Hawthorne Suites, Champaign. Students, parents, educators and local law enforcement members answered focus questions designed to identify police-community relations and youth issues, and workable solutions. The responses to the questions were collected by City staff and are now available…
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400 Block of E. Columbia Avenue

Champaign Police officers were dispatched to the 400 block of E. Columbia Avenue for an “unknown problem.” Upon arrival, officers determined that a physical altercation had occurred in public view between two men. While investigating this incident, officers received information to indicate that a deceased woman might be found in one of the homes. Officers…
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Campus Crime Reduced Over 15 Years

The University of Illinois Police Department recently began using the emergency alert system to notify students of reported serious crime on campus, including reports in the City of Champaign. The Champaign Police Department is getting feedback from some receiving those emergency alerts that it appears that serious crime is increasing substantially, when in fact, reported…
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Residential Burglary Arrests

Police Wrap Up Burglary Investigation (With the Assistance of Norridge Illinois Police Department) On March 17, 2010 three suspects, wanted in connection with a Champaign burglary that occurred earlier that day, were arrested without incident by Officers of the Norridge Police Department following a traffic stop in Norridge Illinois. While conducting a traffic stop for…
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