Category: Finance Department News

Self-Reported Taxes Request for Documentation

The Finance Department, per Council’s request, recently sent letters to all Food and Beverage retailers and Hotel-Motel retailers, requiring them to submit to the City copies of the Illinois Department of Revenue forms that they file with the State, along with their monthly tax remittance. Food and Beverage retailers are required to submit an ST-1 […]

2012 Refunding Bond Sale Exceeds Expectations!

The online auction to sell the 2012 Refunding Bonds, held Wednesday, was very successful. The winning bidder, with an overall interest rate of 1.86%, was the investment bank Morgan Keegan/Raymond James. Interest rates have dropped somewhat since Council adopted the bond ordinance last month, but the low interest rate is also due to aggressive bidding […]

Moody’s Affirms City’s Aaa Bond Rating

Moody’s Investors Services affirmed its Aaa credit rating for the City’s general obligation bonds. Moody’s staff complimented City staff and Kane McKenna, the City’s financial advisor, on the information provided to Moody’s to assist its analysis of the City’s financial position, the local economy, and other factors relevant to the credit rating. Staff anticipates that […]

Progress on Refunding Bonds

Finance Department staff members were busy this week preparing for the 2012 Refunding Bond sale. Much of the work was to complete the Preliminary Official Statement. It is similar to a “prospectus” for private-sector investment opportunities, and includes information on the City’s finances, local economy, purpose of the refunding bonds, etc. In addition, staff and […]

GASB Approves Statement Nos. 67 and 68

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) recently established new reporting requirements for “defined benefit” pensions plans. (These plans guarantee a certain level of benefits based on a calculation, typically including years of service, as opposed to the 401k –type plans for which the benefits depend on performance of the investments.) In summary, the requirements require […]

Local Motor Fuel Tax Receipts Status

The 4 cent Local Motor Fuel Tax increase took effect May 1, with tax remittances due to the Finance Department on June 20. The Finance Department believes that 16 entities, in addition to the City of Champaign, are required to remit local motor fuel taxes on a monthly basis. As of June 27, eleven of […]

Champaign Public Library Foundation Fulfills Contribution to New Main Library

The Champaign Public Library Foundation committed to raising $3 million toward construction of the new main library building. The Foundation met its pledge goal and remitted slightly over $1 million during building construction and another $1 million in the year following the opening of the new building. The final amount of approximately $1 million was […]

Speaker at Finance Officers Conference

Richard Schnuer made a presentation on the City’s Voluntary Separation Incentive Program last week at the annual conference of the Government Finance Officers Association of the U.S. and Canada, held in Chicago. Earlier this year Richard was appointed to the association’s Committee on Retirement Benefits and Administration.

Local Motor Fuel Tax Takes Effect

The Local Motor Fuel Tax took effect May 1. In March, Finance Department staff, led by Financial Analyst Jennifer Johnson, provided information to tax payers on the requirements to collect the tax and remit it to the City. This included opportunities for tax payers to discuss tax implementation directly with City staff. Staff is preparing […]

Budget Presentation at the STAR Leadership Institute

Richard Schnuer made the keynote presentation to kick off this year’s STAR Leadership Institute. His presentation on the City’s budget included not only financial information, but also explained the many ways in which citizens can make their voices heard in the budget process. Staff of the Neighborhood Services Department, which organizes the Institute, reported that […]