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Digital Divide Resource Fair

On Monday, October 22 from 4-7 PM, the Information Technologies Department will host a Resource and Information fair at the Douglass Branch Library, 504 E Grove St., Champaign. The Resource Fair is an opportunity for the public to learn about various public computing centers and digital media literacy programs available to Champaign’s underserved. Local non-profits…
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Champaign Connection – Episode 32

  The 32nd episode of “Champaign Connection” debuted September 1st and will run on CGTV thru the end of October. Jonathan Westfield (School Resource Officer) and Dave Tomlinson (Fire Engineer) share back-to-school safety tips for parents, children, and motorists. Learn important information about school zones, stranger-danger, and fire and accident prevention. David Oliver (Code Compliance…
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Questica TeamBudget Operating Conversion Completed

Information Technologies and Finance staff, working with Questica technical support, completed the conversion and update of the budgeting software. TeamBudget Capital and TeamBudget Operating modules are now a single integrated software platform, allowing clients to work in one application. Data is now easier to access and share. The system now supports unlimited forecast years. Search…
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UC2B/Gigabit Squared Commitments Map

UC2B/Gigabit Squared sign up map is now live! IT staff introduced a web map on July 25th that tracks the number of commitments to Gigabit Squared high speed fiber connections. The map is updated daily to reflect the latest commitments received. The map can be accessed from the UC2B website or from the City’s online…
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GIS Tree Inventory

Have you ever wanted to know what type of tree is growing in front of your house? Now you can find out online! IT Department staff recently added the City’s GIS tree inventory to our online web map “Champaign – Current Map”.

New City Services Directory

With the assistance of several other departments, the Information Technologies Department has launched a new section of the public website – the City Services Directory! Here, the public can get a brief overview of the services that the City has to offer, find the sections of the website that provide more information (if available), and…
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Champaign Connection – Episode 31

    The 31st episode of “Champaign Connection” airs on CGTV thru the end of August. Sgt. Nate Rath (Police Department) and Pastor Willie Comer (Berean Covenant Church) discuss how the community must come together to stop the escalation of gun violence in Champaign. Hear their valuable advice for both gun owners and parents –…
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Find it Fridays

As of July, the Information Technology Department has started a new weekly feature on the City of Champaign Facebook page called ‘Find it Fridays’ to encourage citizen engagement. For ‘Find it Friday’, a picture is posted in the morning of some feature within the City of Champaign that is taken in a close-up or abstracted…
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