Category: Human Resources Department News

Affordable Care Act

The Human Resources Department continues to monitor and comply with the Healthcare Reform and the Affordable Care Act. Implementation steps, per the law, began in 2010 and continue through 2018. Each step introduces new requirements for employers and health plans. For 2012, the Act requires health insurance companies to spend at least 80 percent of […]

Diversity Recruitment Workshop

The City continues to expand and enhance efforts to effectively recruit a diverse pool of applicants for City jobs. Deputy Fire Chief Eric Mitchell and Assistant HR Director Lori Bluhm attended a Firefighter Diversity and Recruitment Workshop on October 19. The workshop provided tools and techniques for outreach and partnerships to connect with a broader […]

2012 Fire Fighter Recruitment

The Human Resource and Fire Departments continue the 2012 Fire Fighter recruitment eligibility list process. Recruitment efforts for 2012 successfully yielded 115 total applications. The number of minority and female applicants met City Affirmative Action goals, which are based on expected availability of minority and female applicants for the job. Qualified applicants are now invited […]

Safeworks Injury Conference

On Wednesday September 12, Risk Manager Larry Krause attended the Safeworks Illinois Work Injury Conference in Oak Brook. The goal of the conference was to bring together all stakeholders in the workers’ compensation system in Illinois to review current trends and policy. Further discussion involved best practices and opportunities for improvement in the treatment and […]

Firefighter Applications Now Accepted

Applications are now being accepted for the firefighter eligibility list process. The HR and Fire Departments are working with Public Safety Recruitment/I.O. Solutions (PSR/IO) to provide firefighter application and testing services. PSR/IO has specialized expertise in firefighter recruitment and assessments. PSR/IO expands Champaign’s targeted outreach to a broad group of diverse, qualified applicants, while streamlining […]

Changes in Firefighter Hiring Requirements and Procedures

The City generally recruits for firefighters every two years. The recruitment process culminates in the creation of a rank-order eligibility list from which candidates are hired as vacancies occur within the relevant two year period. Effective in 2011, the Illinois Firefighter Hiring Act (P.A. 97-0251 (H.B. 1576)) created substantial changes to the way new full-time […]

Police Detective Eligibility List

The Human Resources Department and Police Department administered testing and interviews on June 12 and 13 to develop an Eligibility List for the position of Police Detective in the Investigations Division of the Police Department. Current Champaign Police Officers are assigned to the position of Detective as openings become available, in accordance with City policy […]

Workers’ Compensation Seminar at Midwest Orthopaedics

On Monday, June 4, 2012 Risk Manager Larry Krause attended a seminar at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush in Chicago. The event was free of charge, and covered new developments in the treatment of elbow, wrist and hand injuries in the workers’ compensation setting. Presenters were renowned hand surgeons from the Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush Physician […]

Police Officer Eligibility List

The process to establish an entry-level Police Officer eligibility list continued this week with oral interviews. Human Resources staff coordinated interviews for approximately 96 candidates on May 1, 2 and 3. Interview panelists included Board of Police and Fire Commissioners and City staff from the Police and Neighborhood Services departments. Interview scores will be combined […]