City Council Goal Setting Process

Every two years, the City Council adopts goals for the City organization. Citizens, boards and commissions, Council Members and City staff are all solicited for input into the goal setting process. The City Council reviews all of this input and selects a relatively small number of top priority five-year goals for the City. They also identify several actions for the next one – two years to address each goal.

The City Council Goals provide direction in determining how limited financial and staff resources are allocated. Staff prepares implementation plans for each City Council Goal Action, and written evaluations are conducted periodically to measure progress on each.

Advantages of Goal Setting

The City Council Goal Setting process has been in use since 1986 and has yielded the following benefits:

  • A better understanding by citizens and staff of the City Council’s plans for the future of the City
  • More priority projects have been completed successfully
  • Staff is more focused and effective in addressing City Council priorities
  • Staff is more accountable to the City Council for achieving City Council Goals
  • City Council and staff are less inclined to be side-tracked by less important activities or projects
  • Formally adopted City Council Goals provide staff official direction to plan and organize resources to ensure their completion

Champaign Vision 2020

  1. Champaign is a vibrant midwestern city with an active center city and healthy neighborhoods.
  2. The City is designed for quality and sustainability and has a growing local economy.
  3. City residents are safe, enjoy a great quality of life, first class educational opportunities and easy mobility.
  4. Champaign is an inclusive community that welcomes all.