City Manager’s Office

The City Manager’s Office provides leadership throughout the City organization to ensure implementation of the City Council’s vision, goals and priorities.

Role of the City Manager

The City of Champaign has a Council-Manager form of government.  In business terms, the City Council serves as a Board of Directors and appoints the City Manager to serve as the Chief Executive Officer.  The City Manager and staff provide professional management and oversight of all City activities and ensure that City policies, services, and programs are provided consistent with the City’s mission, values and City Council direction.

Community Relations Office

Proud of Our Diversity City LogoThe Community Relations Office serves as a liaison between the City Manager’s Office and the community. Community Relations helps to ensure equal opportunity for all citizens through public education and enforcement of the City’s Human Rights Ordinance and Equal Opportunity in Purchasing Ordinance.  More information about the Community Relations Office.


Communications Division

Public Communications Plan CoverThe City of Champaign is committed to providing consistent, timely, and accurate information to those we serve.  In addition to the City’s website, the City also utilizes a government access channel (CGTV), social media, newsletters, and news releases to convey information directly to the public. More information about the Communications Division.



Deputy City Managers

The City Manager has appointed two Deputy City Managers, who assist in the day-to-day administration of the City, and in the planning and execution of programs and projects for accomplishing City goals and objectives, as set by the City Council and City Manager. Under the direction of the City Manager, the Deputies perform a variety of professional administrative tasks in assisting with the management of affairs at the City of Champaign, including: directing, coordinating, and evaluating the operations of assigned City departments, and fostering cooperative relationships with community and civic groups, in addition to intergovernmental agencies and City staff.

Photo of Joan Walls, Deputy City Manager

Joan Walls
Deputy City Manager

Joan Walls aids in overseeing these City Departments:

Ms. Walls has been with the City of Champaign since 2000. Prior to her appointment to Deputy City Manager, she worked as the Assistant to the Chief of Police for Community Services/Public Information Officer and subsequently as Deputy City Manager for Community Relations.

Ms. Walls holds a Master of Science in Educational Psychology from Eastern Illinois University and a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice from Southern Illinois University.


Matt Roeschley

Matt Roeschley
Deputy City Manager

Matt Roeschley aids in overseeing these City Departments:

Mr. Roeschley has been with the City of Champaign since December 2011.  Prior to his appointment to Deputy City Manager, he worked as an Assistant City Attorney in the Legal Department. In addition to overseeing various City Departments, Mr. Roeschley also serves as Deputy Liquor Commissioner, having been appointed by the Mayor.

Mr. Roeschley holds a Juris Doctor degree from Northern Illinois University College of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and Writing from Anderson University.