Champaign Community and Police Partnership


To seek solutions to policing issues raised by the African American community that will improve community and police relations.

Guiding Principle

A guiding principle of the Committee shall be the belief that impartial and efficient law enforcement depends upon cooperation and understanding between the African American community and police.


  1. Foster mutual understanding between the Champaign Police Department and the African American community.
  2. Promote respect of the diverse opinions and experiences of all Committee members
  3. Encourage frank, respectful and open discussion free from intimidation.
  4. Encourage the review, monitoring and resolution of issues that affect the interaction between the Department and the African American community of the City of Champaign.
  5. Assist the African American community in understanding the rationale behind police policies, procedures and challenges that are faced by police officers in the line of duty.
  6. Assist the Department in understanding the cultural complexities within the African American community.
  7. Promote and respect public expression by any of the participating parties regarding particular incidents or policies.
  8. Recommend methods, approaches, and techniques to encourage and develop an active citizen police partnership in the prevention of crime.



Don Moyer Boys and Girls ClubVacant (Legal)Finney
Champaign Police DepartmentGwinWalls
Champaign Housing AuthorityNashDunn
CUAPVacant (Cobb)Kyles
Unit 4Brown
Parkland CollegeWilliams
U of I Student AffairsVacant
Ministerial Alliance (vacant)Vacant

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