Administrative Services Division

Jennifer Johnson
Administrative Services Office Manager

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The Administrative Services Division provides services including customer service, billing  and collections, and business licensing, as well as limited Parking program services (parking citations).

Business Licenses and Permits

All of the following licenses are issued by the Finance Department.  If you have any questions about the licenses or the process, please contact the Finance Department at 217/403-8940.  For information pertaining to these licenses, please review the City Code.  For information regarding building permits contact Building Safety Division.

Please click on the following links to print the application form for many different types of licenses the City provides.  You will need to bring your completed application form and any fee due, to the Finance Department at the City Building, 102 N. Neil St., 2nd floor, Champaign – Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm.  If you have additional questions, please read the Information for New Businesses FAQ or contact our office at 217.403.8940.


The Liquor Commissioner is the Mayor in the City of Champaign, and the bulk of the regulations pertaining to licensed establishments are contained in Chapter 5 of the City Code. Information and applications for different types of liquor licenses can be found on the Liquor License Applications page.

Other licenses and permits

Other licenses and permits not directly affiliated with the City include Birth, Death and Marriage certificates, please contact the Champaign County Clerk.  For further information on State of Illinois Licensing requirements see the State Department of Revenue website.

Food and Beverage Tax

The City imposes a .50% tax on prepared foods and alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption.  Business are required to collect and remit these taxes to the City on a monthly basis.  Please click the link below for Food and Beverage Tax Registration Forms, Remittance forms or FAQ’s

Hotel/Motel Tax

The City imposes a 7% hotel-motel tax on hotel rooms.  Hoteliers are required to collect and remit taxes owed to the City on a monthly basis.

Local Motor Fuel Tax

The City imposes a $0.04 per gallon tax on gasoline and diesel purchases. Businesses are required to collect and remit these taxes to the City on a monthly basis. Please click the links below for Local Motor Fuel Tax information and forms.

Sales Tax Rates

The overall sales tax rate for most purchases in the City of Champaign is 9.00%.

Foreclosures and Confirmation Orders

Pursuant to Public Act 96-856

Notices of Foreclosures and Confirmation Orders should be sent to the following address:

Attention: Frederick C. Stavins, City Attorney
102 N. Neil St.
Champaign, IL 61820