Information for New Businesses

New Businesses

  1. Contact the Champaign County Clerk at 1776 E. Washington, Urbana, 384-3720 to register your business name.
  2. Contact the Illinois Department of Revenue for sales tax information.  Call their office in Springfield at 217-785-6518 or 217-782-8517
  3. Contact the City of Champaign Planning Department, 102 N. Neil, Champaign, 403-8800, for zoning information.  Also contact this department for a sign permit if you plan to put up a sign to advertise your business.
  4. Contact the City of Champaign Building Safety Division, 307 S. Randolph, Champaign, 403-6100, for building permits if applicable.
  5. If you plan to install, or there is an existing alarm system, please contact the City of Champaign Alarm Program by phone at (888) 408-9026, or online.
  6. If your business includes the preparation and/or sale of food, please contact the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District, Environmental Services Division, 201 W. Kenyon Rd., Champaign, 373-7900.  Public Health now also issues the City of Champaign Food Services Establishment license.  Liquor licenses are handled by the Mayor’s Office at 403-8720.
  7. The City of Champaign requires licenses for certain types of businesses, listed below.  Please contact the Finance Department at 403-8940 for additional information.

Business Licensing and Information