Fire Safety Fact Sheets

Candle Safety Tips
Candles may look pretty and make your home smell nice, but they can cause home fires and deaths. Read how you can still enjoy candles in the home while being safe.

Cooking Safety
The leading cause of kitchen fires is unattended cooking. Learn how to cook with caution and what to do in case a fire starts.

Heating Safety
Champaign winters can be bruital. Keep your family toasty warm the safe way.

Smoke Alarms Safety Tips
Smoke alarms can save lives — make sure yours is properly installed and working correctly.

Escape Planning Tips
Having an escape plan and knowing how to act in a fire can save lives. Follow these steps to a safe escape.

Family Checklist
A checklist for children and adults to complete to ensure your family gets out alive in case of fire.

Family Checklist (Spanish)