Fire Prevention Services

The Fire Prevention Division offers many services to residents and property owners of Champaign. These include:

  • Fire and life safety inspections existing commercial properties.
  • Inspections of automatic sprinkler, fire alarm and fixed protection systems.
  • Community fire safety and extinguisher training.
  • Information resource regarding key entry box installation.
  • Provide public assembly occupancy checks.
  • Provide consultations regarding safety concerns and code questions.

Fire Safety Inspectors

Who put that extension cord under the rug? Who left those boxes in the hallway? Is the fire extinguisher easily accessible? Is it even there? Is it empty or ready to use? Does the sprinkler system actually work?

In the case of a fire could I find my way out of a restaurant, a theater, a nightclub? What if the emergency exit was blocked or locked? Who checks on these things?

Fire inspectors check for hazards such as:

  • burned-out exit lights
  • improper storage of flammable items
  • blocked exits
  • unsecured pressurized cylinders
  • improper use of extension cords
  • missing guards on dangerous equipment
  • poor housekeeping

… just to name a few of the more common hazards.

The Deputy Fire Marshal in charge of inspecting existing occupancies inspects existing businesses and properties within the City of Champaign. One thousand businesses are inspected annually.

Life safety and fire inspections at the University of Illinois consist of Champaign and Urbana city fire inspectors inspecting state-owned buildings under coordination of the University of Illinois’ Division of Campus Code Compliance and Fire Safety. City of Champaign Deputy Fire Marshal Janet Maupin enforces the 2000 edition of NFPA Life Safety Code.  Maupin is a certified Fire Inspector and a Life Safety Code Specialist through the National Fire Protection Association.

Public Education

The Champaign Fire Department provides dedicated leadership to community fire and life safety initiatives. This commitment includes leadership roles in Champaign County and Team Champaign Risk Watch®, utilizing a prevention curriculum adopted by Unit 4 schools to promote healthy habits, such as wearing a bike helmet, using seat belts, identifying safe behaviors.

Opportunities to practice fire and life safety skills are promoted through various programs and activities; a Community Fire Safety House; a Juvenile Firestopper education program; and Community CPR/AED certification. These programs reduce the risk of injury and death to Champaign’s most at-risk citizens, youth and seniors. Programs are designed to modify behavior and to create a safer environment for all and are managed by Fire & Life Safety Educator/Public Information Officer Dena Schumacher (  Schumacher may be reached by phone at 217.403.7212.

Fire Prevention Staff

The Fire Prevention Division is located at Champaign Fire Department — Headquarters

 307 S. Randolph Street
Champaign, IL  61820
(217) 403-7200