Salaries and Benefits


Salary and benefit information for frequently occurring jobs can be found here.  Also available is the Salary Schedule, which is a comprehensive document that lists the rates of pay for all City positions and is approved by City Council each year in June.


All City of Champaign regular full- and part-time employees receive health and basic life insurance benefits that are paid for by the City.  In addition, employees may elect to purchase family health insurance, additional life insurance and dental/vision insurance.

City of Champaign bargaining unit employees receive sick leave, vacation, and other types of leave and benefits in accordance with their bargaining agreement.  Regular full- and part-time Non Bargaining Unit exempt and non-exempt employees receive sick leave, vacation, and other types of leave and benefits as detailed in the Non Bargaining Unit Handbook.

City of Champaign regular full- and part-time employees, except Police Officers and Fire Fighters, participate in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.  Police Officers and Fire Fighters each have their own pension systems.

The City of Champaign offers a deferred compensation 457 plan through the ICMA Retirement Corporation to assist employees with their retirement saving objectives.

For more information on benefits, see our Fringe Benefit Summaries for:

Each non-bargaining unit:

Each bargaining unit:

Compensation Report

Illinois law requires employers that participate in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) to publicly post employee compensation information.  Below is a report showing total compensation for all scheduled employees from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. This report shows a look-back at total compensation for the prior fiscal year (the City’s fiscal year is July 1 through June 30). Data for the report is therefore compiled and posted in July, after the last pay period of each fiscal year.  The City provides this comprehensive data from the prior fiscal year to reflect actual total employee compensation. Also posted below is a report showing the approved increases to employee compensation and the salary schedules approved with the budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. More detailed information about the data included in these reports appears below.

Questions may be directed to the Human Resources Department at (217) 403-8770 or

2015-16 Salary and Staffing Report

Fiscal Year 2013-14 Employee Compensation Report


Champaign Public Library Employee Compensation Report


The following are the guidelines we followed when compiling this report:

• This report reflects total earnings from July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014 for all scheduled employees, both full time and part time, who were actively employed on July 1, 2014. This report does not include unscheduled seasonal or temporary employees. Some amounts listed reflect a partial year’s earnings, in the case of employees who were hired mid-year. Employees who changed positions during the year are shown with the job title held as of July 1, 2014.
• Total earnings includes all earnings, including base pay, longevity pay, overtime, holiday pay, shift differentials, pay for out-of-classification work (“upgrade” pay), bargaining unit incentives, benefit conversions, health insurance waiver incentive payments, separation pay, retro pay, and other miscellaneous earnings categories necessary per IRS regulations. Housing, vehicle, and clothing allowances, as well as bonuses and loans are also shown separately on this report, but are still included in the total earnings column.
• Health insurance: Reflected at the per-employee budgeted amount, a blended rate of the options available to employees (family, single plus spouse, single plus child(ren), and single). The cost to the City for these options ranges from $583 per month to $1,052 per employee per month. Alternatively, employees can opt out of the City’s health insurance plan and receive a $200/month waiver incentive.
• Vehicle allowance: reflects ‘personal use’ amounts computed for tax purposes. There are employees who drive City vehicles who do not have a vehicle allowance reflected on this report because they do not meet the criteria for the purposes of reflecting ‘personal use.’
• Clothing Allowance reflects reimbursement for the cost of dress uniforms, work uniforms, and other related clothing/equipment as required for the performance of duties of the position.
• Housing: reflects any reimbursements or allowances for employees to cover housing or moving expenses.
• Contractual Bonuses: the City paid $500 signing bonuses to each AFSCME employee at the time of contract settlement..
• Loans: this category includes amounts loaned to employees under City benefits programs for various purposes, such as the purchase of a personal computer. All amounts in this category are expected to be repaid over the term of the loan, usually within 2 years.
• Pensions: City employees participate in different pension systems, each with its own City contribution rate, and are reflected as follows:
o IMRF (NBU, AFSCME, and PLUMBERS employee groups): contribution percent is the calendar year 2014 rate at 12.28% of pensionable earnings
o SURS (State University Retirement System): Two Firefighters participate in the SURS pension. Contribution percent is the fiscal year 2014/15 rate of 11.91%
o Police pension rate of 51.1% and the Firefighters’ pension rate of 51.06% are based on their respective 2011 actuarial valuation reports.
• Budgeted employer contributions to Social Security (FICA) are 6.2% for participating employees at a maximum amount of $117,000 annually. Employees in the Police and Firefighters’ pension plans do not participate. FICA is based on earnings. Employees in the non-bargaining unit NBU employee group (Interns, Law Clerks, and Crossing Guards) work irregular schedules so FICA amounts vary depending on hours worked.

In addition, the law requires that total annual compensation packages that exceed $150,000 be posted at least 6 days before they are approved.  Therefore, as new compensation packages that exceed $150,000 are proposed, they will be posted here.

New Compensation Package – Fire Chief (October 2014)