About CGTV

CGTV – Champaign Government Television – is operated by the Communications Division of the City Manager’s Office.  CGTV is a government access channel that runs programming about or produced by the City of Champaign and other local government agencies.  CGTV is not a public access channel and does not run programming or announcements provided by the general public.

The mission of CGTV is to provide direct information concerning City government deliberations, functions, services, programs, and activities.  CGTV can also be used to share information about the deliberations and decision-making processes of the City’s defined Government Partners.

CGTV runs live and replayed meeting and video programming 24×7.  CGTV can be viewed on Comcast cable channel 5, AT&T U-verse channel 99, ITV-3 channel 5, and on the Internet.