Freedom of Information Act Requests

Illinois Freedom of Information Act

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act can be found at the Illinois Attorney General website. This website is a good source of information about the Freedom of Information Act and how to make requests.

What kinds of City records can you get?

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act very broadly defines the information which you can request from the City. It covers all public records, including electronic information.

Who do you ask?

Before you make a request, you might search the City website because the most popular information is available there, such as Council agendas and minutes, even streaming Council meetings.

City Information

Requests for City records should be directed to the City Freedom of Information Act Officer by using this form and emailing it or by printing it out and mailing to:

FOIO City of Champaign
102 N. Neil St.
Champaign, Il 61820

FOIA Request Form – City of Champaign

Contact Email:

Police Department information

You can make a request for records from the Police Department, such as accident reports and police reports by using this form which can be filled out online and sent immediately by email or printed out and mailed to:

FOIO Police
Champaign Police Department
82 E. University Ave.
Champaign, Il 61820

FOIA Request Form – Champaign Police

Contact Email:

METCAD information

You can request information from METCAD by using this form and emailing it or printing out and mailing a request to:

1905 E. Main St.
Urbana, Il 61801

FOIA Request Form – METCAD

Contact Email:

Library information

You can request records from the Champaign Public Library website.

FOIA Manual

Complete FOIA Manual in PDF format

Complete FOIA Manual divided into 6 web pages

  • City Building - Legal
  • Legal Department Contact Information

    City of Champaign
    Legal Department
    102 North Neil Street
    Champaign, IL 61820
    PH: 217-403-8765
    FAX: 217-403-8755

    The City of Champaign Legal Department's Illinois Supreme Court Rule 11 general email service address is:

    Rule 11 Service Addresses for Individual Staff Attorneys

    City Attorney
    Frederick C. Stavins

    Assistant City Attorney
    Joseph E. Hooker

    Assistant City Attorney
    Laura Hall

    Assistant City Attorney
    Jennifer Bannon

  • Foreclosures and Confirmation Orders

    Pursuant to Public Act 96-856

    Notices of Foreclosures and Confirmation Orders should be sent to the following address:

    Attention: Frederick C. Stavins, City Attorney
    102 North Neil Street
    Champaign, IL 61820