2009-2010 Publication List

The City’s web site contains many of these publications at no charge.

City Manager’s Office:

  • Boards & Commissions Handbook
  • Speaker’s Guide
  • City Manager’s Office Library: Publications of General Interest


  • City Council Goals

Community Relations Office:

  • Human Rights Ordinance

Finance Department:

  • Budget and CAFR – Both items are available on the City’s website.
  • City Code
    Printed Version: $750, ($18 per supplement beginning with supplement #10)
    Note: The City Code is available via the City’s website or through the code publishing company site at www.municode.com.

Fire Department:

Building Safety:


  • a.) Building – $62
  • b.) Mechanical – $41
  • c.) Plumbing – $40 (Obtained from the State)
  • d.) Electric $59
  • e.) Residential Bldg. – $43
  • f.) Fuel Gas $41
  • g.) Il Accessibility – $0 (Available through the State, Capital Development Board)

* Note:  All Code Amendments are available on the City’s website – No Charge

Human Relations (Personnel) Department:

  • Affirmative Action Plan
  • Labor Agreements

Information Technologies Department:

  • City Video Productions:
    One (1) copy of City produced programming will be free provided the requestor supplies the appropriate blank media (cd, dvd, videotape). Requests in excess of     one (1) copy will be charged at a rate of $15 per program hour or portion thereof.

Mayor’s Office:

  • Champaign: The creation of a City Historical Review of The Champaign City Buildings

Neighborhood Services Department:

  • BOCA National Property Maintenance Code – For Review Only


Note: Most brochures are on the City’s Web Site

  • Front Yard Parking Brochure
  • Caulk and Paint
  • Exterior Check List
  • Interior Check List
  • Occupancy Standards
  • Security Standards
  • Tenant & Owner
  • Housing Assistance and Neighborhood Programs
  • Ashland Park Tax Rebate*
  • Home Maintenance Money Saving Tips
  • Home Buyer Assistance Programs
  • Predatory Lending*
  • Rent Vs Own*

* Newer Brochures not currently on the City’s website

Planning Department:

  • Comprehensive Plan and Executive Summary
  • Subdivision Regulations and Manual of Practice
  • Transportation Plan
  • Neighborhood Planning:
  • Beardsley Park Improvement Plan and Amended Plan
  • Neighborhood Wellness


  • Zoning
  • Zoning Map – $35 color, $5 CD ROM

Other Reports:

  • Tax Increment Redevelopment Plan and Project (Downtown)
  • TIF District #2 (East University Avenue)

Police Department:

  • Accident Reports – $5
  • Offense Report – $2
  • Offense Report Verification
  • Towed Vehicle Report

Public Works Department:

All guides, maps, and pamphlets are free.


  • Maps

(Tree Guides-Free)

  • Pruning Mature Trees
  • Why Topping Hurts Trees
  • Pruning Young Trees
  • Why Hire an Arborist
  • Avoiding Tree and Utility Conflicts
  • New Tree Planting
  • Caring for your New Tree (door hanger)
  • Tree Care (door hanger)
  • Tree Pruning (door hanger)
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Growing Guide


  • Cash Key System
  • How to Avoid Parking Tickets
  • Meter Rental Program
  • City Building - Legal
  • Legal Department Contact Information

    City of Champaign
    Legal Department
    102 North Neil Street
    Champaign, IL 61820
    PH: 217-403-8765
    FAX: 217-403-8755

    The City of Champaign Legal Department's Illinois Supreme Court Rule 11 general email service address is: legaldepartment@ci.champaign.il.us

    Rule 11 Service Addresses for Individual Staff Attorneys

    City Attorney
    Frederick C. Stavins

    Assistant City Attorney
    Joseph E. Hooker

    Assistant City Attorney
    Laura Hall

    Assistant City Attorney
    Jennifer Bannon

  • Foreclosures and Confirmation Orders

    Pursuant to Public Act 96-856

    Notices of Foreclosures and Confirmation Orders should be sent to the following address:

    Attention: Frederick C. Stavins, City Attorney
    102 North Neil Street
    Champaign, IL 61820