Minimum Fines

Ordinance Violations
Minimum Fines
(Effective July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2017)

Persons charged with violating any of the Chapters or Sections of the Champaign Municipal Code, 1985 (“Code”), listed below may offer to settle the charge by paying the minimum fine set forth in this Table within twenty-one (21) days after the issuance of the Notice to Appear. The minimum fine related to a Chapter or Article below shall be the minimum fine for each Section within that Chapter or Article. The charge will not be filed with the Court if the settlement accepted is provided in Section 1-24 of the Code.

Section/ChapterTitleMinimum Fine
Chapter 3Advertising$195
Chapter 4Alarm Systems$195
Chapter 5Alcoholic Beverages
5-11License required (liquor)$340
5-42Posting of license (liquor)$195
5-43Service hours$195
5-44Sale to persons less than 21 years old and sale to intoxicated persons$340
5-45Presence of minors in liquor establishments; teen events$340
5-46Minors prohibited from tending bar$245
5-47Premises and business requirements$245
5-51Announcement by licensees$245
5-52Advice on avoiding compliance$245
5-53Name tag required$195
5-54Consumption by employee prohibited$340
5-61Consumption, possession and storage on unlicensed premises$340
5-62Possession prohibited on public property and business parking lots$195
5-62.1Carrying open liquor out of premises$195
5-63Transporting alcoholic liquor in motor vehicles$195
5-64Gambling devices and slot machines$245
5-65Purchases, possession of alcoholic liquors by person less than 21 years old$340
5-66Unlawful Use of Identification$340
5-67Adult responsibility$340
5-67.1Kegs: adult responsibility$340
5-67.2Kegs: purchases/possession without license$340
Chapter 5.5Ambulances$195
Chapter 6Amusements$195
Chapter 7Animals
7-4Cruelty to animals prohibited$245
7-5Keeping of animals other than domesticated pets$195
7-10Disturbing the peace (dogs barking)$195
7-12Dogs running at large; impoundment$195
7-14Removal of excrement$195
7-51Rabies vaccination required$195
Chapter 9Building and Building Safety Requirements$195
Chapter 13Fire Prevention and Hazardous Materials
13-2Use of fire apparatus; interference$245
13-4Removal of fire apparatus restricted$245
13-6Careless smoking$195
13-8Burning leaves and rubbish in street prohibited$195
13-22Fireworks prohibited$195
All other sections in Chapter 13$195
Chapter 14Food and Food Handlers$195
Chapter 15Garbage and Disposal (unless issued under Section 15-62)$195
Chapter 16Health and Sanitary$195
Chapter 18Laundries and Dry Cleaners$195
Chapter 20Massage Establishments$195
Chapter 21Noise
21-14Specific prohibition – noise$245
21-32Sound amplification systems$195
21-33Noise – vehicle equipment$195
Chapter 22Property Code Enforcement and Property Maintenance Codes
22-40Compliance with property codes$195
22-823Nuisance party$340
Chapter 23Offenses
23-21Resisting or obstructing a peace officer$245
23-25Obstructing justice$245
23-43Reckless conduct$245
23-62Trespass generally$195
23-63Criminal trespass to governmental-supported land$195
23-64Breaking and entering$245
23-65Damaging City property$245
23-67Damaging property$245
23-68Theft generally$245
23-69Retail theft$245
23-70Theft of lost or mislaid property$245
23-80All sub-sections regarding graffiti$195
23-92Disorderly conduct$195
23-93Mob actions prohibited$245
23-94Disturbing lawful assemblies prohibited$195
23-95Aggressive panhandling prohibited$195
23-111Public indecency$245
23-112Public urination and defecation prohibited$195
23-127Gambling prohibited$245
23-128Lotteries (prohibited)$245
23-131Frequenting gambling places$245
23-138Possession of cannabis$340
23-139Possession of drug paraphernalia prohibited$340
23-156Throwing of dangerous materials$245
23-176Possession (weapons)$340
23-177Discharge (weapons)$340
23-211Curfew established; hours$195
23-212Permitting child to violate curfew$195
23-214Tobacco and minors$195
All other sections in Chapter 23$245
Chapter 24Parades, Assemblies and Public Gatherings$195
Chapter 25Peddlers, Solicitors and Transient Merchants$195
25-31License-charitable solicitation$245
25-55(a)License-transient merchant$245
25-55(c)Violation of transient merchant license$245
25-65(a)Unlawful entry; refusal to leave$340
25-65(d)Violation of posting$195
25-66(a)Sales on residential streets$195
25-67Lack of mobility$195
25-68Selling from vehicle$195
25-69Congested area selling$195
25-70Lack of zoning$195
25-71Standing in driving lanes$195
Chapter 28Second Hand Goods Dealers$195
Chapter 29Sewers and Water Drainage$195
Chapter 30Streets, Sidewalks and Public Ways$195
Chapter 33/ Art. IITraffic and Motor Vehicles – Driving Regulations$195
Chapter 35Vegetation$195
Chapter 36Vehicles for Hire$195