Area General Plan

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Purpose of The Area General Plan

The purpose of the Area General Plan is to illustrate a basic layout of a proposed subdivision prior to the preparation of a Preliminary Plat.

A single tract may be conveyed from a parent parcel of 30 acres or more without approval of a preliminary or final plat, provided that an area general plan is approved by the City Council and that the lots created are not developed or further subdivided. The Area General Plan should incorporate existing conditions of the site into the design of the subdivision, including any adjacent roads, trails, bike paths, or land uses, which may impact the site.

An Area General Plan (AGP) is otherwise not required unless it is part of an Annexation Agreement, waiver request, or other proposed action. The AGP is a simple, low-cost document that can assist both the developer and City in identifying issues prior to preliminary plat submittal.

An AGP, when not required, will be received and commented on by City Staff. The comments will be forwarded to the subdivider.

Contents of The Area General Plan & Application

The Planning Department has an application form which you will need to complete that is included in this application package. It is often helpful to meet with City staff prior to the submission of the application or to schedule an appointment to review your application when it is formally submitted. Staff cannot supply you with legal advice, nor is it required, but you are welcome to bring your attorney, architect, builder, or anyone else you believe will be helpful to any meetings.

The application asks for a variety of information including name and address of the applicant and subdivider; existing zoning classification; current and proposed land use; a legal description of the subject property; an area general plan; and other relevant characteristics about the subject property.

The AGP should be drawn in a size and scale that will clearly show contiguous and adjacent parcels owned wholly or in part by the owner or subdivider or for which the owner or subdivider has an option to purchase, or any other interest, as well as property within 200 feet of the subject property; the existing and proposed zoning districts and land uses; natural features and floodplain boundary; existing streets and alleys, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and water lines; proposed street layout, including functional classification and connection to existing street patterns; and a conceptual outline of a stormwater management plan.

Five copies of the AGP should be submitted to the Planning Department for review. When the AGP is required under Section 31-311 of the City of Champaign Municipal Code, general approval procedures will be followed, except there will not be an outside review process.