Champaign Hen Ordinance

On December 3, 2013 Champaign City Council passed an ordinance allowing backyard hens within city limits in CB 2013-230.


  • A license must be issued to legally raise hens.
  • No roosters allowed.
  • Up to 6 hens allowed.
  • Coops may only be located in the back yard.
  • Only residents of single family and two-family homes are eligible for a coop license.
  • The coop must have a minimum of four square feet per hen.  The run must have a minimum of eight square feet per hen and be covered on all sides, including the top.
  • Residents who do not comply with Sec. 7-19 – Hens and all applicable sections of the Champaign
    Municipal Code will be subject to enforcement action.


Residents must obtain a coop license to raise hens.  The license has a $25 fee.  The online map tool can be very helpful when completing the license application.  The last page of the application includes a worksheet that offers tips for using the map tool.

Applicants must also register their property with the Illinois Department of Agriculture to obtain a coop license.  Registration with the Illinois Department of Agriculture is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I am interested in raising hens?

After reviewing resources, contact local hen owners via Facebook groups or seek additional information from the University of Illinois Extension Service.  Raising hens requires long-term commitment, yet many people find it rewarding.  Contact the Planning and Development Department at 403-8800 for additional questions.

Local Facebook Groups

Online Resources

If I have a noise or odor complain regarding chickens, who do I call?

A:  Call the Code Compliance Division of Neighborhood Services Department at 403-7070.

If I see a chicken crossing the road, who do I call?

A:  Chickens are not allowed to be outside of an enclosure.  Call Champaign County Animal Control at 384-3798 or the 24-hour number at 333-8911.

What should I do if my neighbor has chickens, but I am unsure if they have a license?

A:  Call the Planning and Development Department at 403-8800.

Other Questions? 

Please contact Kevin Phillips, Zoning Administrator, 217-403-8800 or