Garage Sales

The Zoning Ordinance permits persons to have garage sales at their homes, provided that the sales are operated according to the following standards. These standards were developed in order to ensure that businesses operated within residential districts do not disrupt the principal uses in residential districts, the homes of its residents.

§37-170. – Temporary use standards.

Following are standards for specific temporary uses:

(a) Temporary structures, incidental only to the erection of a main building for a permitted use, are permitted in any district. Such buildings must be moved or dismantled upon completion of the permanent structure.

(b) Garage, rummage, yard, and similar sales shall be permitted in residential districts subject to the following limitations:

  1. No such sale shall be more than four (4) days in duration and the collective    total of all such sales shall not exceed four (4) occasions in any calendar year.
  2. No goods purchased for resale may be offered for sale at the garage sale.
  3. Any directional or advertising signs for the sale shall be removed immediately upon closing of the sale.
  4. All directional and advertising signs placed off-site shall have the permission of  the owner of the property on which the sign is to be placed.
  5. No directional or advertising sign may be larger than two and a half (2.5) square feet.

(c) Home parties for the purpose of selling merchandise or taking orders are permitted, provided that the party is by private invitation only and shall not be held more than four (4) times in any calendar year and no more frequently than once every thirty (30) days.