Home Occupations

The Zoning Ordinance permits persons to run businesses from their homes, provided that the business is operated according to the following standards. These standards were developed in order to ensure that businesses operated within residential districts do not disrupt the principal uses in residential districts, the homes of its residents.

§37-167.  Requirements for home occupations.

 A home occupation shall be considered a permitted accessory use in each district in which a residential dwelling unit is permitted and shall be subject to the following limitations:

(a)  There shall be no on-site employment or employment of persons not residing at the residence.

(b)  A home occupation shall be conducted wholly within the principal building or an accessory structure.

(c)  The appearance of the structure shall not be altered nor the occupation within the residence be conducted in a manner that would cause the premises to differ from its residential character.

(d)  The total gross floor area which is used primarily for the operation of the home occupation shall not exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the gross floor area of the home.

(e)  The storage of merchandise, supplies, or products for off-premise sales is permitted.  For the purposes of this Section, any products shipped or delivered to the ultimate consumer of the goods or merchandise shall be considered off-premise sales.

(f)  No display of goods or services pertaining to such home occupations shall be visible from outside the building.

(g)  No home occupation or equipment connected with a home occupation, nor any storage of goods, merchandise, supplies, products, materials, shall be allowed outdoors.

(h)  No advertising sign, other than a non-illuminated sign, not exceeding one (1) square foot in total face area shall be displayed in connection with a home occupation.  No other on-site advertising visible from the exterior shall be used that informs the public of the home occupation.

(i)  The home occupation shall not exceed the limitations imposed by the provisions of all applicable building, fire, health, safety, and housing codes and shall conform with all applicable requirements for business and occupational licensing.

(j)  There shall be no noise, vibration, glare, heat, smoke, dust, electromagnetic, or electrical interference, nor odor detectable beyond the confines of the subject property including transmittal through vertical or horizontal party walls.

(k)  The owner of a home occupation shall not allow more than six (6) clients or customers in the dwelling unit or on the premises during any period of sixty (60) consecutive minutes nor more than sixteen (16) in any given twenty-four (24) hour period.

(l)  The owner of a home occupation shall not allow vehicular traffic associated with the business to exceed two (2) vehicles on the property at any one time.  Sufficient parking shall be provided on the same lot as the dwelling for all business visitors.

(m)  The owner of a home occupation shall prohibit pedestrian and vehicular traffic generated by clients or customers of a home occupation on the premises between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

(n)  The owner of a home occupation shall not allow commercial deliveries related to the home occupation, other than the United States Postal Service and private package and letter delivery services.  Under no circumstances shall commercial deliveries by semi-trailer trucks be permitted.

(o)  The owner of a home occupation shall limit the use of commercial vehicles in conjunction with a home occupation to two (2) vehicles, not to exceed one (1) ton maximum load weight each and owned by a resident of the dwelling.  Such vehicle must be parked in accordance with provisions elsewhere in this Code.

(p)  If more than one home occupation is located within any single dwelling unit, the owner of each home occupation shall not allow the combined impact of the home occupations to exceed the standards contained in this Section.

(q)  Retail sales to on-site customers are allowed only if clearly incidental to the home occupation.


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