the Cambridge

A co-operative apartment building at 805 -807 West Church Street

The Cambridge is a fine example of an American Eclectic Tudor style apartment building, a familiar design for apartment homes of this era.

The Cambridge was designated in 2008 under criterion (c):

(c) The property or structure is representative of the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type inherently valuable for the study of a period style, craftsmanship, method of construction or use of indigenous materials.

Eclectic Tudor is so named because is an imprecise style, loosely based on a number of late Medieval English architectural details. While the Cambridge is composed of square brick clad sections and has a flat roof, from the front elevation is broken up by four protruding sunrooms which are topped by steeply pitched roof sections, each of which is fronted by vertical half-timbered gable ends. Each sunroom tower is also edged by stone quoins, emphasizing the vertical line as well as adding a detail typical to the style. The overall effect of this is to make the building look more like the Tudor style, masking the mass of the giant rectangular building behind the fa├žade.

Details like the classic four-centered Tudor style arch over the main front entry doors, together with the half-timbered gable ends and the quoins they showcase cement the American Eclectic Tudor style of the Cambridge.

Cambridge Report to HPC