Owens Funeral Home / Trevitt House, 101 N. Elm

The house at 101 North Elm is an intricately detailed example of a Georgian Revival home. This house is an excellently maintained mansion from another era, whose beauty is enhanced by its prominent location on University Avenue facing West Side Park.  Sufficient information has been presented regarding criteria (b), (c), and (f) to qualify 101 N. Elm as a Local Landmark, and it was so designated in 1998.

Enlarge image of the Trevett House

The property meets the following criteria from the Zoning Ordinance:
(b) The property or structure is associated with an important person or event in national,state, or local history.
John R. Trevett, for whom this house was built in 1900, was a student of the first class of the Illinois Technological Institute in 1868. (The ITI later became the University of Illinois.) Mr. Trevett became a banker upon graduation, first working with the A.C. Burnham banking company, and later teaming with his neighbor Ross Mattis to form the Trevett-Mattis Bank, which has evolved into Banklllinois. BankIllinois has since merged with the Busey Bank.  Mr. Trevett was also (not all at one time) the Champaign City Treasurer, the Champaign City Park Commissioner, the Champaign Police Commissioner, a Captain of the Illinois National Guard, and a Trustee of the University of Illinois.

(c) The property or structure is representative of the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type inherently valuable for the study of a period style, craftsmanship, method of construction. or use of indigenous materials.
The property is an excellent example of many of the distinctive elements of Georgian Revival architecture making it valuable for the study of this period style.

(e) The property is identifiable as an established and familiar visual feature in the community owing to its unique location or physical characteristics. The property overlooks West Side Park, a scenic part of Champaign’s Downtown and the house’s distinctive style and features add to the beauty of the park.
(f) The property or structure is one of the few remaining examples of a particular architectural style or use, or is an example, which clearly represents a major architectural style, and has undergone little or no alteration since its construction. The application has supported this criterion by providing descriptions of the Georgian Revival style and the elements of the property that characterizes the property as a Georgian Revival residence. The residence has been converted to use as a funeral parlor, but alterations have been extremely sensitive to the architectural style of the structure.

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Entryway Closeup

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View from the Southeast


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Carriage House

Report to Historic Report to Preservation Commission 98-015 (Trevett House)