the Georgian

An apartment building in the heart of campus at 1005 S. Sixth Street

At the time of The Georgian’s construction in 1925, the University was in the midst of a serious expansion, as the University’s enrollment had just quadrupled in the proceeding decade. The University hired George A. Platt of New York as its supervising architect to oversee the construction of several new major University buildings in the Georgian Revival style in an effort to give the University a uniform style. The Georgian was a private apartment building and not subject to University rules, but the Georgian Revival style chosen for its construction makes the building fit in beautifully with its surroundings.

The Georgian was designated in 2004 under criteria c, e, and f.

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The following are the details of the criteria under which the Georgian was nominated.


(c) The property or structure is representative of the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type inherently valuable for the study of a period style, craftsmanship, method of construction or use of indigenous materials.


The Georgian is an excellent example of the Georgian Revival style as applied to an apartment building in Champaign, representing a significant example of architecturally stylish early twentieth century multi family housing near the University of Illinois campus.

(e)  The property or structure is identifiable as an established and familiar visual feature in the community owing to its unique location or physical characteristics.


The Georgian’s presence as a stylish, privately owned multi-family housing unit near the heart of the University of Illinois campus establishes it as a familiar visual feature in the neighborhood.


(f)     One of the few remaining examples of a particular architectural style or use, or is an example which clearly represents a major architectural style, and has undergone little or no alteration since its construction.

Retaining a high degree of architectural integrity, the Georgian is one of the few remaining early twentieth century apartment buildings near the university campus and as such represents a rare property type.  Being Georgian Revival in style, the building also reflects an era when this particular style set the tone for a significant building campaign on the university campus, with the use of the style also reflected in nearby university related buildings such as sorority and fraternity houses. While there are many Georgian buildings on Campus, the Georgian represents one of very few large Georgian apartment buildings remaining from the period.

Report to Historic Preservation Commission for the Georgian