Curtis Road Interchange Master Plan

The Curtis Road and I-57 interchange area is a key southwest gateway into Champaign and the University of Illinois.  Prior to construction of the interchange, City Council recognized that the adjacent land would become very desirable for development.  In 2007, City Council adopted the Curtis Road Interchange Area Master Plan to coincide with the opening of the interchange.  The Plan was a result of many months of study, including a market analysis, stakeholder interviews and significant collaboration with the community.  The Plan envisions an area with a mix of high quality commercial, office and residential uses, with trails and public gathering spaces that serves both interstate travelers and nearby residents.

Following the 2008 recession, development interest in the area waned.  Because of changes in the commercial and employment market since then, some of the recommendations of the Plan are no longer accurate.  For example, it is unlikely a second shopping center like Marketplace Mall will be built here as the original market analysis anticipated.  It has also been determined that certain aspects of the development review procedures and standards are unclear or difficult to navigate.

Renewed development interest has prompted a review and update of the 2007 Master Plan.  The updated plan will build on the original vision for high quality development, while reflecting current market realities.

March 30, 2016 Neighborhood Meeting


Over 120 people attended the meeting on Wednesday, March 30, 2016.  The format was open house style, with five stations that describe the proposed Future Land Use Map, development approval process, trails and open space requirements, transportation and street connections and next steps.  The introductory presentation and boards are attached.

One of the issues that was raised at the previous neighborhood meeting is the connection of Wendover Place, at the south boundary of Robeson Meadows West, into new development.  City code requires new development to connect to existing development (Sec 31-620 (a) 4. Streets).  Staff understands the concern about cut through traffic.  To address this concern, standards on the design of the street are proposed.  These are:  Wendover Place must only connect to a neighborhood street serving single family residential homes.  The street cannot connect direclty to an arterial street, two turns are required before the Duncan Road could be accessed.

View the presentation

Open House Presentation Boards

December 7, 2015 Neighborhood Meeting

View the presentation.

Input Summary 

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