Get Involved

Whether we run, walk, stroll, or roll we are ALL pedestrians at some point during our day. As a result, Walk Champaign will impact you! The focus of the Plan, however, depends on your voice. All local pedestrians have a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that deserve our attention as we investigate walking environments around Champaign. Together we can make your city a better place to walk!

Ways to Get Involved


Walking Champaign’s streets and sidewalks is the best way to gain a sense of the pedestrian experience in different types of neighborhoods. The Planning Department’s Walkabouts program has been designed to give you the chance to join City officials in walking around a neighborhood near you. These events are open to the public and are meant to inform us about what you like and dislike about walking in these areas.

For each Walkabout, we will explore the neighborhood by foot, visiting several local destinations in order to simulate walking trips that pedestrians might actually take. After completing these walks, we will reflect on the good and bad aspects of the walking experience. Planning staff will record these reflections for use in the Pedestrian Plan’s existing conditions report. Sign up for a neighborhood walkabout or explore the map below to learn more about a walkabout near you!

View Pedestrian Plan Walkabouts in a larger map

For more information about these walkabouts or Walk Champaign, please contact Ben LeRoy at or Tyler Zwagerman at

Other Ways to Get Involved

As the plan progresses, there will be additional opportunities to share your feedback and shape the plan. Check back here for future updates!