Crime Prevention and Safety Tips

The Champaign Police Department is dedicated to improving public safety within our community.  Here are a few crime prevention and safety tips that may help reduce the liklihood of one becoming a victim to criminal or bullying behaviors.  Being aware and prepared are the first steps to avoid becoming an easy target for these activities.

Bullying and Cyber-Bullying Prevention

The Champaign Police Department is dedicated to keeping our children and teens safe from the devastating effects of bullying and our goal is to collaborate with the community on this important topic.

Burglary Prevention Tips

The Champaign Police Department would like to remind citizens of some easy ways to make their homes and vehicles more secure.

Halloween Safety Tips

The Champaign Police Department is reminding parents and homeowners to take a moment to consider basic safety precautions that will make Halloween a safer night of fun for trick-or-treaters.

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The Department hopes to educate shoppers by providing a few simple tips that will reduce their chances of becoming targeted by thieves.

Identify Theft Awareness

Following a few simple steps will help protect you from most of this fraud.

A Pedestrian’s Guide for Safe Walking

Pedestrian Safety Starts with you.  Here are a few tips to help keep you safe when crossing the street.

School Zone Safety Tips

Walking, biking, and school zone safety are discussed in this educational video from the C-U Safe Routes to School Project.