Operational Support Division


Deputy Chief Troy Daniels
Operational Support Commander

(217) 403-6907


The Operational Support Division investigates all criminal and juvenile cases and also provides fiscal support to the Champaign Police Department including accounts payable, payroll processing, and budget coordination.




Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is comprised of 11 detectives and 2 detective sergeants under the direction of a lieutenant. This unit investigates major crimes and crimes that patrol officers do not have the resources to investigate. Focus areas are general crimes and juvenile issues. The Investigations Division also includes 5 School Resource Officers that work directly with the Unit 4 School District. The Investigations Division serves the citizens and businesses of Champaign using all the tools available to solve and prevent crime.

For more information about the Investigations Division, contact Lt. Dave Shaffer, Investigations Commander, at:
(217) 403-7030.

Records Division

The Records Division manages the paperwork flow of the Police Department.  Staff input, organize and analyze data and respond to Citizens’ requests for documents.

Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis Unit is a part of the Investigation Division. It provides street level analysis (patterns and trends) by way of maps, e-mail and weekly reports. This information is distributed to sworn staff and support personnel as well as to surrounding law enforcement agencies. Intelligence data (new techniques in counterfeiting, weapons concealment, etc.) is also gathered from sources both locally and across the country and disseminated to patrol officers and investigators for their use. This unit is active in the community with participation on various committees and through speaking engagements at seminars and conferences.

Intrusion Alarms

The City of Champaign has an alarm ordinance. It requires all audible alarm systems (business and residential) to be registered with the City. There is a $50 non-transferable registration fee with a $20 annual renewal fee. . Citizens are charged a fine for repeat false alarm reports, as well as for unregistered alarm systems.   Click here for more information on new permit registrations and renewals: Alarm Permits & Renewals 

For more information about the Operational Support Division, contact Deputy Chief Troy Daniels, Operational Support Division Commander, at (217) 403-6907.