Southwest District

Lt. Michael Paulus
Southwest District Commander

The Southwest District is comprised of approximately 9 square miles, roughly forty percent (40%) of the City of Champaign. Its boundaries are University Avenue to the north, Prospect Avenue to the east, properties as far south as Curtis Road and as far west as Rising Road.

There are thirteen officers currently assigned to the Southwest District. The officers report directly to three Sergeants who monitor and assist the officers with their daily activities. The size of the Southwest District necessitates officers accessing a “district office” in the Champaign Fire Department, Station 6. This allows the officers to complete reports without having to return to the police department and leaving their district unmanned.

The Southwest District continues to grow with the growth of the City of Champaign. This creates a divergent population to serve. There are government subsidized housing as well as affluent subdivisions. Each of these areas presents its own unique challenges for the police department. The district also has 11 schools, including Centennial High School, which is a source of a lot of calls for service. In 2009, the Southwest District had over 13,000 calls for service. Area 2-4, one of the two beats in the Southwest District, was the forth busiest beat in the city for 2009.

The Southwest District uses a Problem-Oriented Policing approach to policing the district. The department gathers a vast amount of intelligence which is disseminated to the officers to direct their efforts in addressing calls for service, quality of life issues, and criminal activity. A lot of the intelligence that is received is through the effort of the citizens the police department is sworn to protect.