Policies and Procedures

Thank you for your interest in the Champaign Police Department’s on-line policies and procedures manual.  In the spirit of partnership, it is my goal to make the Champaign Police Department’s operational and administrative policies as accessible as possible to the citizens we serve.  I am proud of our policies and procedures, and it is my hope this accessibility may also benefit our citizens and other criminal justice organizations.  I would note that our policies are in compliance with the Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program as well as complying with national standards in their formulation.

Policies and procedures, also referred to as written directives, contained in the manual are rules that all Champaign Police Department employees follow in carrying out the mission of the department.  The manual posted on this site contains the same information distributed to all employees.  Between manual publication dates, changes will be distributed to members by computerized Policy and Procedure Manager system.  These changes will be included on this site periodically.  Additionally, our Mission and Value Statement will always be included in the forward letter at the beginning of the manual.

In police work, like many other professions, it is not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise or to prescribe a specific course of action in each scenario, therefore I expect all members to exercise discretion, common sense and good judgment.

I encourage you to explore other sections of our website.  You will find a wealth of information, including up to date crime media reports as well as information to provide feedback for employee performance.  As always, I am interested in your comments and suggestions.  Drop me an e-mail and tell us what you think at Police@ci.champaign.il.us.

Anthony Cobb
Chief of Police