Value Statement

Service with PRIDE

  • P erformance
  • R esults
  • I ntegrity
  • D ignity
  • E nthusiasm

Guiding Values: Performance Guidelines and Standards


  • Being Committed to the Needs of the Community
  • Helping Others with Solutions to Problems, Explaining Your Decisions and Actions
  • Delivering Timely Service when Service Counts
  • Looking for Ways to Serve
  • Treating Citizens as Important, Valued Customers
  • Providing Police Services in a Professional Manner


  • Taking Personal Accountability for Your Words and Actions
  • Being Proactive, Anticipating Problems and Offering Solutions
  • Looking for Better Ways to Do Your Job and to Improve Performance
  • Doing the Job Right – Being Accurate, Taking Care of Details, Completing Assigned Tasks
  • Expanding Your Knowledge and Skills to be More Effective in Your Job
  • Demonstrating Strong Work Ethic


  • Taking Pride in Your Work Product, Your Tasks and Results
  • Seeking Constant Improvements and Better Results
  • Community Acceptance of Methods and Results
  • Working Together as a Team Using Each Persons Talents
  • Completing the Job in a Timely Manner and Following Through on Commitments


  • Being Responsible for Your Job and Actions, Being Accountable for the End Results and Outcomes
  • Being Honest and Trustworthy
  • Serving as a Positive Example to Others
  • Holding Yourself to the Highest Standards
  • Be Loyal to the Police Department – Your Actions Reflect on All of Us
  • Improving Yourself and Learning from Setbacks


  • Treating Others with Respect and the Way You Would Like to be Treated
  • Having Compassion for Others
  • Appreciating Individual Strengths, Talents and Contributions of Others
  • Upholding the Rights of All Citizens
  • Respecting Our Profession, Our Uniform, You Represent Our Department at All Times
  • Supporting Diversity in the Community and Department


  • Supporting the Department’s Goals, Values, Mission and Decisions
  • Working Like Your Job Makes a Difference
  • Being Highly Motivated, Giving 100% Effort
  • Encouraging Self and Others to Excel
  • Contributing to the Team and Our Police Department
  • Plan for the Future and Think About End Results