Premise Alert System

Emergency Information for Persons with Disabilities

Originally, the C-U Autism Network collaborated with the Cities of Urbana and Champaign Police Departments to develop a method to provide critical information to emergency responders in the event of a crisis. This method was known as the Person with Disabilities Emergency Information Form.

During the summer 2009 session of the Illinois legislature, the Illinois Premise Alert Act (ILPAA) (PA 96-0788) was passed that requires that Public Safety Agencies with CAD programs to initiate a Premise Alert Program (PAP) to maintain information on individuals with special needs within their coverage area.

The Premise Alert Program (PAP), much like the Person with Disabilities Emergency Information Form, is designed to allow the public to notify Public Safety Agencies (police and or fire) of any citizens with special needs or disabilities to ensure equal access to emergency services. The form will provide public safety personnel access to vital information regarding physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional disabilities.

In the event of an emergency situation, emergency responders will now have access to photos and critical information about the individual that will help de-escalate certain behaviors.

Information provided on this form is confidential and will only be provided to emergency responders (police and/or fire). All files will be kept in a secure area of the Champaign Police Department and will not be accessible to the public. The information provided will not result in any type of preferential treatment to the individual and will only be accessed in an emergency situation and will not be used for any other purpose. Any responding Public Safety Agencies (police and/or fire) will not be held liable for duties relating to the reporting of special needs individuals.

This information must be updated every two years. If the Department is not contacted by the requestor at the end of the second year, the information will be purged.

If you decide that you no longer want to have this information on file, go to the Public Safety Agency you originally submitted the form to and request that this information be deleted. A representative from the respective agency will need to meet with you in person to verify that the person who signed the form is the same person who is requesting that the information be deleted.

For more information, please call Ofc. Jonathan Westfield at (217) 351-4545.