Alcohol Enforcement Unit

This unit is responsible for enforcement of City alcohol-related ordinances and state statutes in Champaign. There are currently 180 licensed establishments in the city. The unit operates out of the Investigation Division. The Alcohol Enforcement Unit Management Team consists of an assistant to the city manager, an assistant city attorney and a police sergeant. Direction is provided by the Liquor Commissioner/ Mayor of the City of Champaign.

There are currently four enforcement programs and three prevention/training programs. The enforcement programs include compliance checks, Cops in Shops, bar checks and street sweeps. Each of these programs focuses on specific concerns related to the sale and consumption of alcohol.

Training programs include alcohol server training, bar security training and educational programs for the general public. These programs are provided on an on-going basis and by request of a licensee. More than 500 people are provided training on an annual basis.

For more information contact:

Sgt. Joe Ketchem or Det. Patrick Kelly
Phone: 217/403-6914