Citation Questions

How do I pay my parking citation?

Citation payments may be paid on the Online Parking Services page, by mail, in person, or by depositing them in a courtesy box. Fines may be paid by cash, check, cashier’s check or money order made payable to the City of Champaign. Please write the citation number(s) or license plate number on your payment to receive proper credit. Credit and debit payments (VISA, MasterCard & Discover) are accepted in person, over the telephone or online. Customer Service staff are available during regular business hours to answer questions concerning parking citations.

Yellow courtesy boxes are located at the following locations:



  • Sixth & Green Streets
  • Sixth & Daniel Streets
  • Sixth & John Streets

It is not recommended that cash be mailed or deposited in a courtesy box.

Citations that have been paid cannot be appealed.

What happens if I don’t pay my citation(s)?

 Failure to pay outstanding parking citations may result in booting and/or towing of the vehicle or driver’s license suspension.

How do I appeal a parking citation?

If you question the validity of a parking citation, you may appeal it within 7 days of issuance by one of the options listed below. Citations that have been paid cannot be appealed.

  1. File the appeal online at the Online Parking Services page.
  2. File the appeal in person at the Parking Programs Office, 702 Edgebrook Drive; at the Finance Department on the Second Floor of the City Building at 102 N Neil Street; or at the Front Desk at the Champaign Police Department at 82 E University Avenue.
  3. Write a short statement that includes: (1) the parking violation notice number; (2) your full name, address, and telephone number(s); (3) the license plate number, make, model, and year of the vehicle; (4) any documentary evidence that rebuts the charge; and (5) a written statement signed by the appealing party setting forth facts relevant to establishing a defense to the charge. Forward the statement and the copy of the citation to the Parking Programs Office by mail or by depositing this information into one of the City of Champaign orange courtesy boxes.
  4. Download the Citation Appeal Form.  Submit the completed for to the Parking Programs Office in person, by postal mail (702 Edgebrook Drive, Champaign, IL 61820), email (, fax (217-403-7061), or by depositing it into the City of Champaign yellow courtesy boxes (see above for locations).

Once all of the required information has been received, the appeal will be reviewed by a supervisor. If the appeal is determined to be valid, the citation will be voided. If the citation is upheld as valid, you will have seven (7) days to pay the fine at the amount it was when the appeal was submitted. Results of the appeal review will be mailed to the appealing party for either outcome.

I was issued a citation that says “Abandoned/Inoperable.” What does this mean?

A vehicle may be cited as “abandoned/inoperable” in either of the two following circumstances:

  1. City Code prohibits vehicles that have not been moved or used for more than 3 days, have broken windows or flat tires from parking on City streets or public property. Also prohibited are vehicles parked in a City parking lot or in a metered space 24 hours in excess of the parking limit for that lot or meter. Such vehicles will be considered abandoned/inoperable and subject to ticketing and/or towing.
  2. Vehicles parked on Champaign City streets and in City-owned lots must display current license plates and sticker at all times. Vehicles found in violation may be ticketed and/or towed.

What are the parking fine amounts?

ViolationCity Code SectionFine AmountAfter 7 Days
Prohibited in Specific Spaces33-53$30$35
Manner of Parking at Curb33-54$30$35
Handicap Parking33-55$250$250
Parking at Cab or Bus Stands33-56$30$35
For Sale Sign on Parked Vehicle33-57$30$35
Parking in Alley; Driveways33-58$30$35
Parking Vehicles on Private Property33-60
Subsections a, c, d, e$30$35
Subsection b$250$250
Parking Within Lines Required33-75$10$15
Manner of Parking/Parking District33-76$10$15
No Parking 3 to 5 A.M.33-77$20$25
Reserved Parking Space33-78$10$15
Time Limit on Parking33-81$20$30
Time Expired33-83$10$15
Slugs Prohibited33-85$10$15
Permit Parking33-86$10$15
Emergency Snow Routes33-102$15$20
Loading Zones33-122$15$20
Commercial Loading Zones33-124$15$20
Oversize Vehicles in Residential Areas33-141$15$20
Oversize Vehicles on Business Streets33-142$15$20
Abandoned/Inoperable Vehicles (*)33-152$25$50
Parking in Front Yard33-338(a)$15$20
*After 14 days, fine increases to $100.