Contractor/Service Vehicle Questions

How do I order a meter bag cover?

Applications may be obtained from the Parking Programs office or by downloading the Meter Bag Application and the rental fee of $10 per day per meter head must be paid 24 hours in advance. Upon application approval, the City will place covers on parking meters for the purpose of temporarily reserving these spaces as a convenience during periods of unusual loading/unloading activities, repairs, remodeling and other like activities.

What other options are there for contractor/service vehicle parking?

  • Loading zones are located throughout the Downtown and University District for the use of vehicles during the loading and unloading of cargo, merchandise or passengers. Vehicles in loading zones must be actively engaged in loading and unloading activity. Commercial loading zones are reserved specifically for use by properly signed commercial vehicles.
  • CashKey – a cashless way to pay at a meter. See the CashKey page for more information.
  • Permit parking may be available depending on the location, time frame and availability. Contact the Parking Programs Office at (217) 403-4700 for information.