Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste collections are not held on a regular basis in the City of Champaign.  The City recommends purchasing only the amount of hazardous materials needed for a project in order to eliminate the need for disposal of leftover hazardous waste.  Alternately, safer substitutes to many common household chemicals do exist.  The US EPA’s Safer Choice website provides a searchable database of products which perform well and are safer for human health.

Staff receives numerous inquiries for household hazardous waste disposal.  Guidance for oil and paint disposal is common.

  • Oil Disposal – Oil can be taken to local garages, if they accept oil to be dropped off. Garages should be called for more information.
  • Paint (& Paint Thinner) Disposal – For excess amounts of paint (or paint thinner), the City recommends contacting school theatre departments to see if it can be used for props. Paint (and paint thinner) can also be mixed with materials such as cat litter or sand, or poured on newspaper, and allowed to dry.  Once the paint (or paint thinner) has dried, all materials can be disposed of in the garbage.

Other options available for disposal of household hazardous waste can be found using the City of Champaign Recycling Guide.  A handout listing HHW collection options can be downloaded and printed by clicking here.

Long-term household hazardous waste collection sites are also available in Naperville, Chicago, Rockford, and Lake County.  Links to each site, which include accepted items and hours of operation, can be found by visiting the Illinois EPA Long-Term Collection Facility page.

Commercial organizations are covered by different regulations and should call the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for current disposal requirements.