Multifamily Recycling

The Multifamily/Feed The Thing program serves residences with five or more units and all shared housing, which includes fraternities, sororities. The City provides free blue 95-gallon containers for participating buildings.

Visit for more information on acceptable/unacceptable materials, printable, educational resources, program announcements, and press releases.

The City provides FREE 5-gallon kitchen buckets for individual unit recyclables.  Please call 217.403.4700 for more information.

A modest fee of $2.60 per month per residential unit (apartment) has been assessed to the property owner to cover the cost of the program. For group housing (e.g., fraternities and sororities), the fee is $1.30 per resident, based on the capacity of the facility.

Please contact the Environmental Sustainability Specialist for more information at 217.403.4700 or