Single Family Recycling

Curbside Recycling

City ordinances provide for curbside recycling to all citizens who live in a single to four-plex residence. This service is provided by the waste hauler who is required to provide recycling as part of basic service and must accept the following materials:

  • newspaper
  • glass jars or bottles
  • tin cans
  • aluminum cans
  • HDPE plastic containers (#2)

Haulers must provide curbside collection of recyclables at least once a week and can not count materials toward the “per container cost” of service. Citizens interested in participating in the curbside recycling program should call their waste hauler.

Some haulers recycle additional items. Requirements regarding separation of materials vary between haulers as well. You may wish to check with several haulers (all are listed in the phone book) to find one that can best meet your needs for recycling.

For more information, check out this BROCHURE.  The City provides FREE recycling stickers for carts or totes. Please call 217.403.4780 for more information.