Snow and Ice Control Plan

Snow and Ice Control Plan Details

  • Anti-icing chemicals will be applied to bridges and selected streets prior to freezing, icing, or other winter weather conditions. Application rates and timing will depend on current and forecast roadway temperatures, precipitation, and day of the week. Applications may be scheduled up to 72 hours in advance of events if conditions warrant.
  • Snow and ice response on primary routes will begin prior to the start of a forecasted storm to prevent ice bonding. Response actions will be timed based on weather conditions and pavement temperatures.
  • Snow and ice removal on primary routes will be completed within 12 hours of cessation of the storm. The goal is to remove snow and ice from the driving lanes to a near-bare pavement and clear snow from the pavement to the curb or edge of the pavement.
  • Secondary routes will be cleared within 24 hours after primary routes have been completed.  Secondary routes may not be cleared to a near-bare pavement status.  Snow will be cleared from the pavement to allow for mail delivery.
  • Cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets will be cleared within 24 hours after primary routes have been completed.  Cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets may not be cleared to a near-bare pavement status.  Snow will be cleared from the pavement to the curb or edge of the pavement.
  • For snowfall events less than two inches, secondary routes, cul-de-sacs, and dead-end streets will be cleared and can be accomplished in conjunction with regular or overtime shifts.
  • All streets are covered by the Plan and will be cleared.
  • City parking lots will be cleared within 12 hours after cessation of the storm.  A minimal number of parking spaces will be used for stockpiling snow.
  • For storm events with more than two inches of snow, sidewalks on City property will be cleared within 12 hours of the storm’s cessation.
  • For snow events with an accumulation of four inches and more, City alleys will be cleared.  Alley snow removal will be done during regular work shifts and completed after all City streets, sidewalks, and parking lots have been cleared.
  • Snow will be removed from the sidewalks and parking areas in the Downtown area with the long-range forecast indicates the snow will not melt in the near-term and the snow is interfering with access to Downtown businesses.


Public Works’ normal work shift is 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. If the snow and ice event is expected to arrive or continue past the normal end of the day, Public Works staff is split into A and B shifts. Each A and B shift generally works 12 hours, providing a 24-hour response capability with 14 snow plow trucks.

Helpful Hints

The Public Works Department’s goal is to provide the best service possible to our citizens during and after a snow and ice event. There are several things that you can do to help the City achieve this goal.

  • When it starts to snow, please do not park your car on City streets. Continue parking off the street until Public Works has completed its snow clearing operations on your street. This will help City crews travel City streets more safely and allow crews to clean snow from the street and parking lanes to the curbs.
  • Do not push snow into the City streets. This creates a hazard to the public, is a violation of City Ordinance, and puts an additional burden on the Public Works Department.
  • Please shovel snow from your sidewalk and driveway into your yard. Place snow from your driveway off the street and to the left-hand side of the driveway. This will reduce the volume of snow that will be placed in your driveway when the street is plowed.