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SS 2010-022

March 23, 2010.  This Study Session Report to Council provided Council with information on stormwater utility fees and obtained Council input on whether staff should proceed with the next implementation step for the stormwater utility fee: establishing a Stormwater uUtility Fee Advisory Committee and developing a preliminary expenditure, revenue, and billing plan for a City of Champaign stormwater utility fee.

CB 2010-127 and CB 2010-128

June 15, 2010.  The purpose of these Council Bills was to authorize the following actions:

  1. Establish a Stormwater Utility Fee Advisory Committee, and
  2. Appoint individuals to the above referenced advisory committee.

CB 2010-168

August 3, 2010.  This Council Bill authorized the City Manager to execute a standard professional services agreement with AMEC Earth and Environmental, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana.  AMEC will assist staff with the preparation of an Expenditure, Revenue, and Billing Plan for a City of Champaign stormwater utility fee.

SS 2011-019

March 29, 2011. The purpose of this report was to review the Stormwater Utility Fee Expenditure Plans and obtain Council input on the plans.