Honorary Street Name Designations

Honorary Street Name Designation Policy

The City’s  honorary street name designation policy was established in 2000.  The program allows citizens the opportunity to honor individuals, organizations, entities, and events that have made significant contributions to the community.  On January 21, 2014, City Council revised the policy. The revised policy below has several changes; please read it carefully.

Criteria Required for an Honorary Street Name Designation

  • Honorary street name designations should be limited to individuals, organizations, entities, and events that either had a significant lineage to the City or had a significant cultural, historical, or humanitarian impact on the City.
  • The requested location for the honorary street designation must have a geographical relationship to the honoree i.e. honoree lived or worked at the location requested for recognition.

Honorary Street Designation Policy and Process

  • Individuals or groups wishing to propose honorary street name designation will complete the Honorary Street Name Application Form (PDF) | (DOC) and submit it to the Public Works Department for review. Individual letters of support are encouraged and should be attached to the application.
  • If the application is complete, Public Works will forward the application to Council for review.
  • If there is sufficient support within Council (five members) for the request, the request will be forwarded to the City Manager to schedule for a Study Session.Hembrough1
  • The Public Works Department will prepare a Report to Council for the Study Session honorary street request.
  • If the Study Session poll indicates a simple majority support for the honorary street request, Public Works will prepare a Council Bill for the designation.
  • Upon final Council approval, the Public Works Department will implement the honorary street name designation.
  • The honorary street name designation will be for 10 years, and will not be eligible for renewal.
  • Honorary designations shall be limited to one block in length. In addition to the signs required at the designated location, up to four commemorative signs shall be provided for each designation.
  • There shall be only one honorary designation per location.
  • Honorary designations shall be limited to four per year.

Please note: It may helpful to contact your District’s Council Member to request their assistance in being an advocate to your request.

Current Honorary Street Name Designations



Questions regarding the application process or new policy should be directed to
Debra Windlan at 217.403.4703 or debra.windlan@champaignil.gov.